December 6–7th — Online

1st Workshop on Neuromoprhic Photonics

Join us online on December 6-7 to take part along with prestigious academia and industrial speakers in discussing the latest trends in photonic Neuromorphic processing!

Academia & Industry experts
Dr Pleros gives a speech


Get up to date with the latest work of the most distinguished academic and industry experts.

Dr Miliou gives a speech

Two Inspiring Days

Participate in 5 different sessions dealing across the disciplines of Reservoir Computing, Photonic Accelerators, Brain Inspired computing and other.


Online Participation

The workshop is organized by Horizon-2020 EU programs (PlasmoniAC, Neoteric, Nebula) and GSRT-funded DeepLight project.
Due to to COVID-19 crisis the workshop will take place online through Webex platform. Link will be available after the registration.

Highlights from the Workshop